Heirloom Wedding Garter

I utilized fabric from the brides grandmother's wedding gown and veil.  Rhinestone appliques were removed and re-attached to the veil fabric ruffle.  A forever heirloom.

Mazdaspeed Wedding Garter

Bright and bold colors created a Mazdaspeed Bride wedding garter set.  One to keep and one to toss!  TheWeddingGarter.com

Harley Davidson Wedding Garter

Why not!  A fun toss garter will surprise the groom and the one whom catches it.  TheWeddingGarter.com 

Bluebonnet Catering Towels

I had to embroidery towels for my niece's catering business.  Love Bluebonnet flowers!

Infinity Rings Wedding Garter

Infinity rings encircle the bride and grooms initials and highlight a silver double heart charm.  TheWeddingGarter.com

Pittsburg Steelers Wedding Garters

NFL wedding garters from TheWeddingGarter.com.  Add your teams logo to a rimmed charm and incorporate team colors.

Liverpool Football Club Wedding Garter

Bride and Groom initials, along with the wedding date, were embroidered on this football (soccer) themed keepsake wedding garter.  TheWeddingGarter.com

"A Whole New World" Wedding Garter

Handcrafted wedding garter in lace, organza, satin and bling bling charms.  TheWeddingGarter.com

BUD LIGHT Wedding Garter Trio

Silver rimmed Bud Light charms, and embroidery personalization, created for a country themed wedding.  TheWeddingGarter.com

Baby Girl Baby Boy Greeting Cards

Always fun to take a break from creating custom wedding garters and create some paper crafted greeting cards.

FDNY Wedding Garters

Honoring the Fire Department of New York grooms, and brides, these garters incorporate embroidery personalization and a gold fire truck charm.  TheWeddingGarter.com

49ers Wedding Toss Garter

"Nice Catch...You're Next" toss garter from TheWeddingGarter.com


Ivory Vintage Wedding Garters

 Both of these vintage wedding garters were designed with the couples name embroidered on the inside.  Both incorporated a little "something blue" and a pearl accent. 

Baseball Wedding Garter

Team colors, and a baseball 'n bat charm, bring together this couples love of baseball.

Peach and Turquoise Wedding Garter

I love these two colors together - peach and turquoise.  Accented with coordinating bows and a turquoise rhinestone.

Red and White Lace Wedding Garter Set

Designed by the Mother-of-the-Bride, this lovely keepsake and toss garter set was created from white lace, and red and white satin.  The couples name is proudly embroidered in a script font and a antique "D" charm honors the couples last name.

Personalized Spa Towels

I handcrafted towels with machine embroidery, and a black satin bow, for my granddaughter's spa-themed birthday party.  The girls loved them!

Prom Garter

White satin-stripped organza, and yellow and grey satin, created a prom garter with the couples names embroidered on either side of the silver double-heart charm.

Hot Pink and Green Garter Set

WOW!  Hot pink and green, accented with black and white, created a stunning garter set.

Baby Shower Gifts

I so enjoy crafting for a new baby and recently created these beauties.

* Painted and stenciled "Noah's Ark" keepsake box.
* Laundry basket decorated with ribbon and lace.
* Cloth diapers transformed into beautifuly burp cloths
decorated with fabric and machine embroidery.

Handmade Greeting Cards

When I'm not creating wedding garters, I love to craft handmade greeting cards and use my Cricut machine!!

Spring Wedding Garter

White satin-stripped organze shines with yellow and orange satin.  A "To Love and to Cherish" silver charm, and rhinestone flower center, finish it off.

Memories Board

Reclaimed fence board.  I stenciled "MEMORIES" and added a braided jute string, and metal clips to hand photos from.

Monkey & Elephant Gift Box

I utilized the New Arrival Cricut cartridge.

EMS Wedding Garter Set

Star of Life charms honor this EMS couple.  Ivory lace, with silver and royal blue satin, create a keepsake and toss garter set.

Harley Davidson Wedding Garter

Royal blue and silver satin created this wedding garter that displays the Harley Davidson logo charm.  On the bottom ruffle is the embroidered wedding date.

Bud Light Wedding Garter Sets

Two versions for a Bud Light wedding garter set for the fun-themed wedding!

Something Blue Wedding Garter Set

Traditional "Something Blue" wedding garter set of light blue and ivory satin.  The keepsake garter is embellished with a strand of pearls, and both garters display a silver double-heart charm and pearl center.

Mossy Oak Camoflague Garter

Mossy Oak and red satin are paired with white lace and a silver double-heart charm.

Black Lace and Green Satin Wedding Garter

Embroidery personalization, and a silver "Gun" charm, are combined with black lace.

Black Lace and Purple Satin Wedding Garter

Fancy black lace garter highlighted with purple satin and center rhinestone.

Liverpool Football Club Wedding Garter Set

Designed with ivory organza, and red and ivory satin, the Liverpool Football garter set includes a large, and small, LFC badge pin.

Mossy Oak Wedding Garter

This bride added her "Something Blue" on top of the mossy oak satin ribbon.

Mossy Oak and Zebra Wedding Garter Set

The keepsake garter (top) was created from sheer zebra organza and mossy oak and teal satin.  A rhinestone "A" honors the couples last name.  The toss garter of zebra and mossy oak print.

Royal Blue & White Lace Wedding Garter Set

Elegant keepsake and toss wedding garter set in white lace and royal blue.  The couples name is embroidered on the inside and the wedding date on the front ruffle.  Beautiful!

Red Lace Wedding Garter

Red lace surrounds the personalized embroidery saying for this wedding garter.

Chelsea Football Club Wedding Garter

Orange accent bows add "Wow" to this Chelsea Football Club wedding garter.  A soccer ball and CFC badge pin finish it off.  Created from white organza and royal blue satin.

Chevrolet "Chevy" Wedding Garter

Love the colors of turquoise, black, and white!  A Chevy logo bottle cap, and the couples embroidered last name, personalize this beauty.

Everton Football Club Wedding Garter

Silver and royal blue satin created this wedding garter, and the Everton Football Club badge pin is the highlighted decoration.

Black Lace Wedding Garter Set

Stunning black lace and purple satin wedding garter set.  The couples initials and wedding date are embroidered in the keepsake garter and rhinestone "bling" decorates each one.