Please visit my Etsy store BebeBowsAndBands to see my new line of little girl headbands. These are so fun to create and I love all my color options.  Reasonably priced...who needs to pay $10 for a bow.  Ouch!  New styles and colors posted frequently crafted in fabric, felt and lace.  Super sweet! 

Police Wedding Garter Set

This bride surprised her groom with a toss garter embellished with a silver handcuffs charm.  She went more traditional, with a little bling, for the keepsake garter.


Pink Chevy Wedding Garter

Why not?  TheWeddingGarter.com



Manchester United wedding garters embellished with a rhinestone logo charm and team colors. TheWeddingGarter.com


White Wedding Garters

Whether it's all white, or white with a bit of color, you can't go wrong with satin, lace, and rhinestones for a wedding garter.

Engagement Greeting Card

Handcrafted a congratulatory card for a newly engaged couple.  Here Comes The Bride!

Toronto Raptors Wedding Garters

What Raptors-loving bride and groom wouldn't want this garter set.

Stretch Wedding Garter in Coral

Oh so pretty stretch band wedding garter in coral with satin and chiffon flowers with rhinestone and pearl centers.  It's the perfect garter for a tropical wedding. TheWeddingGarter.com

Military Wife Wedding Garter

To honor his military wife-to-be, these grooms chose patriotic
Stars 'n Stripes colors for their garters.

You'll Never Walk Alone Wedding Garter


League of Legends Garter - Gamer Garter

Attention all Gamers...
Any video game can be incorporated into your wedding garter or garter set.  By adding a rimmed charm, with game logo, you'll have the perfect themed accessory to the big day.  TheWeddingGarter.com

Personalized "Mrs." Wedding Garter

The new Mrs. Fulton is proud to wear her custom wedding garter for her goom.

Manchester United Wedding Garters

Choose from 14 garter styles, rimmed charm color, and multiple team logos.

Burgundy and Ivory Garter Set

The bold color of burgundy pops atop ivory satin.  Personalization of the bride and grooms names and wedding date created a forever keepsake garter.  TheWeddingGarter.com

San Diego State Wedding Garter Set

San Diego State alma mater wedding garter set created in school colors and logo charms.  TheWeddingGarter.com

Heirloom Wedding Garter

Created from the brides' Godmothers gown and veil.

Stretch Lace Wedding Garters

Green Bay Packers Wedding Garter

Vintage lace adds softness to a Green Bay Packers wedding garter with logo charm.  TheWeddingGarter.com

Firefighter Wedding Garter with Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross Firefighter Wedding Garter

Baby Headbands and Bows

Another fun day creating headbands and hair bows for a baby shower.  Even a little girls needs to look good :-)  TheWeddingGarter.com

Dodge Ram Wedding Garter

Royal Blue and Ivory Dodge Ram toss wedding garter from TheWeddingGarter.com.

Disney Wedding Garter

Mickey and Minnie Mouse personalized wedding garter.

Pink Chevy Wedding Garter

Why not a pink Chevy wedding garter?  Make it feminine and fun!  TheWeddingGarter.com

Christmas Wedding Garters

Whether it's a Chinese wedding garter or a traditional Christmas garter set the color red adds happiness to the big day.

Ford Racing Garter Set

Ford Mustang racing garter set with logo and racing flag charms.  TheWeddingGarter.com