Heirloom Wedding Garters

By utilizing keepsake fabric, clothing, and jewelry, I'm able to create a family heirloom wedding garter.  These garters incorporated a mother's and grandmother's wedding gown, a mom's veil, and grandpa's pajamas.  Full of love!

FORD Wedding Garters

Add a rimmed logo charm to your garter to incorporate a theme - in this instance Ford wedding garters.

Chevy, Corvette, and Camaro Wedding Garters

Grooms, and brides, love their cars.  Why not incorporate a theme into the wedding garter.

You can never go wrong with classic black as a wedding color.  Black compliments men, and women, alike and adds elegance to any wedding theme.

Nice Catch...You're Next Wedding Toss Garters

What man would not want to catch these embroidered toss garters.  Puts a smile on the recipients face!

Police Wedding Garters

It's always an honor to create wedding garters for those that protect and serve.  NYPD, Mrs. Badge Number, and Columbus PD garters, sported silver handcuffs charm or a rimmed logo charm.

STAR WARS Wedding Garters

Oh yeah!  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU for these wedding garters.  Rimmed charms hold most logos for any theme.

Stretch Lace Wedding Garters

Many brides prefer a sleek stretch lace wedding garter which will compliment the tighter fitting gowns when embellished with low profile decorations.  Take a look!

NASCAR and Racing Wedding Garters

The ever popular checkered flag garters and the Chevy themed garters are created in many different colors.  Some match the car and some the wedding colors.